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Thread: Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose Depp in Chanel

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    Their daughter has an incredibly beautiful bone structure, but looks kind of dead. I guess this means that she took after her father...
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    ^^^She does have a creepy dead look, mummified like a ghost.
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    The daughter is so pretty, but not sure about those clothes on a 13 yr old

    Vanessa was pretty as a teenager

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    the girl's cute but her hair is a shitty colour.
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    Is VP wearing a poodle?
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    What is on Vanessa's left shin? That huge lump.

    The daughter is hauntingly attractive. Like she's got some major internal pain. An artist suffering for her art or something. Not sure what art she has or what internal pain she could have besides the normal teenage girl angst, but she's working that angle well.
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