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Thread: Teri Hatcher goes commando

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    My husband finds looking at my 40-plus cooter quite interesting. I keep forgetting that life apparently ends when you're 21 or something. Silly me.

    As for going commando, I'm not comfortable with it, but as long as others do it discreetly, it doesn't affect me one way or another. I had a friend once who always went commando when she wanted to "get lucky." She said it worked every time.

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    Haha that's great PB. I've just NEVER liked underwear and I still don't. I used to throw fits because my mother made me wear those thick cotton things when I was 5. That repelled me for life.

    I wear undies a couple times a month, no particular reason. I really don't think anyone notices and it's none of their damn business anyway. If they do notice, they're looking too hard because the way I dress, one wouldn't think oh wow let's see if she's wearing undies.

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