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Thread: Suzanne Somers and TV personality Alex Trebek

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    ^^Well said!

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    She's been raping people's bank accounts for years. Claiming her skin care products are what are keeping her young and beautiful. The photos used in her ads are air brushed so much she looks like a caricature of herself. Her face looks like an over stuffed leather chair and does not look good for a 70 year old woman. She deserves to lose her looks. She's nothing more than a used car salesman.
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    ^^ I didn't trust her when she went on the shopping channel shilling her stuff after her Thigh Master. However, as unqualified and as she is, she did use the word bio-identicals (hormones) before anyone else did and that was a good thing. I always trusted Marilu Henner when it came to tv actress/health advice.

    Quote Originally Posted by holly View Post
    Filler face.

    And what's going on with her nose? It looks like a lump of clay. I don't remember it ever looking like that before.

    I don't this I would have recognized her if her name wasn't in the thread title.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs P View Post
    She's turning into Donatella Versace face wise.
    Yes, it's like she's made of thick clay. It doesn't look like her at all and the makeup doesn't help. Support bra required as well.

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    i feel like if you sliced the skin off her face it would be an inch thicker than normal.
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    I remember many years back with pictures of her coming out of a plastic surgery clinic. This in response to her thigh master or work out videos.
    "Fashion is an art, but individuality is the key"

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    Alex looks good. Suzanne looks like the thing that wakes me from a dead sleep.
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    If I had to jump out of a burning building, I hope to God that firefighters set up something as big and soft as Suzanne Somers' face for me to land on.
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