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Thread: Scarlett Johansson at the Yummy Pop Grand Opening Party, Paris

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    Losing way too much weight.
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    has she lost weight?

    She doesnt look good here

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    I don't think she's lost that much weight. It just looks like she's taken her cheek implants out.

    She needs to stop with the hipster shit. She's not cute enough to pull it off.

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    What the fuck is a yummy pop? And I agree she looks awful here.

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    These are seriously the worst photos I think I've ever seen of her. That hair!

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    She might not look her best, but goddamnit, popcorn apparently makes her damn happy! She looks like she's going to break a cheek grinning that hard.

    And I know we had the popcorn shop discussion in the other thread about this place, but I am not digging this name. And I am hating the way it would be said in French, or with a French accent. I keep imagining it as Yumi Pope. It sounds really stupid with either accent, though.
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