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Thread: Salma Hayek & Anna Wintour at Saint Laurent Autumn Winter 2015, Paris Fashion Week

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    Mine was red!
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    All I have is that Anna needs to retire. Emerald green tights with bronze open toed shoes? Really?

    That and I kinda love Salma's bag. It sure doesn't fit that outfit though.
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    i actually like Salma's dress. I like green, I like velvet and I love a long sleeve

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    i want to love salma's dress but not a fan of the skirt, i hate the hemline.

    anna wintour looks great. the fur coat is weird but kind of amazing, it makes me think of bambi for some reason. but she pulls it off.
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    [QUOTE=Belt Up;3303783]^ Me too!

    Mine was burgundy though with a little cream silk collar - I thought it was the height of sophistication [ /QUOTE]

    Mine had a collar with a little green border that was matchy with the dress. We all thought we were the height of sophistication. And , not unlike Salma, I wore it wit with patent leather shoes, but mine were flat mary janes instead of pumps.

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    Mine was blue velvet, with a little white lace collar, white tights, and black Mary Jane's.
    Salma's face looks very severe and Anna looks like crap, as per usual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kasippu View Post
    When I was 8, I had a dress very similar to wear for christmas. Minus the necklace.
    Quote Originally Posted by Belt Up View Post
    ^ Me too!

    Mine was burgundy though with a little cream silk collar - I thought it was the height of sophistication
    Quote Originally Posted by funky_chicken View Post
    mine was blue
    Mine was burgundy with a little cream lace collar and ties on the back.

    Salma's dress looks like she got it to go ice skating in.
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