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Thread: Royal Wedding: Prince Felix of Luxembourg marries Claire Lademacher on 9/21

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    I started and then stopped smoking almost 20 years ago and luckily never got hooked but even now I sometimes catch a whiff and think "mmmmmmmm". But I know that if I did take even a puff I'd either faint or throw up so I don't succumb. Plus MrAO would divorce me on the spot. He's pretty laid back about most things but he's a rabid anti-smoking nazi. He also stopped drinking 4 years ago (not sure why, he didn't need to) but I didn't. If he tries to deny me my G&T or glass of wine then I will divorce HIM.
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    My ex and current roommate never smoked but as i was a smoker when we met he could not complain a lot.Now he is happy he lives in a smoke free house as my son never smoked and my two girls gave up the fags after i had ny heart attack and almost died..

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