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Thread: Renee Zellweger - Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Grants Banquet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geest View Post
    Yoga and happiness, d'oh!
    (I can't believe she still claims no PS)
    That is like the craziest thing I've ever heard, too. How do you turn completely unrecognizable without PS?
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    i don't think she looks as different as people claim she does. she still looks very much like herself but i think she got eyelid surgery. and hey, she had pretty droopy brows, it might have become medically necessary at some point - though i doubt hers were. i know several people with droopy eyelids who had to have that done but they were older and it really was starting to affect their sight. but she was probably heading in that direction anyway and decided to get something done preventively and maybe throw in a bit of a brow lift.

    but yeah, if she's going to talk about this publicly, she should just own it and tell people to mind their own business. or she should shut up and say nothing. but speaking out to tell people they're mean while also lying about what she's had done, is pointless.
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    This reminds me of Jennifer Grey when she had her nose job. Her original nose was a distinct feature of her face. Renee's eyes were the most expressive feature of her face and honestly I thought her eyes were darling...I loved her squinty little smile. She now looks ordinary and quit frankly plain and unattractive.
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    She was fug before and is fug now.
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    She looks like she just worked out then threw a dress & heels on, with no shower in between.

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