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Thread: Prince Harry, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett - Royal Albert Hall

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    I hope you mean Wills and if so I agree!

    I think Lady Gaga is now Lady Faga. You know, like Paul (McCartney) became Faul.
    Them's fightin' words

    Also, I think I see cheek implants or lots of fillers with Gaga.
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    The multiple rhinoplastiys have left her nostrils wonk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moongirl View Post
    So, I get that Lady Gaga is a pop star, always known for her quirky outfits; but, I would like to think she would try to dress for the occasion. Maybe I'm being old-fashioned, but I feel of you're going to meet, oh say, a member of the British royal family, the President of the United States, etc., you would dress more "normal"? JMHO
    i dunno, i would think a royal would not be staring at her dirty pillows. *shrugs*

    she is dressing normal for her. subdued, actually.
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    PHG is still hot.
    I am going to come and burn the fucking house down... but you will blow me first."

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    Quote Originally Posted by czb View Post
    i dunno, i would think a royal would not be staring at her dirty pillows. *shrugs*

    she is dressing normal for her. subdued, actually.
    Kinda like a car wreck, I think he can't help but look...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gas_chick View Post
    PHG is still hot.
    Yup, he is.

    I've never thought him handsome actually, just amiable and funny and of course thoroughly masculine. But he's so much better proportioned than his ungainly, horsefaced father. There is a resemblance but the Spencer genes did a lot of damage control, especially in the realm of grace and proportion. Charles has always looked like a caricature.

    Pity about the hair, but hey, he's still a hottie ginge.
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