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Thread: Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes - Gold Meets Golden Event

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    Keerist, Katie looks disgusting! The outfit is ridiculous and ugly but her face manages to be even worse.

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    It would have made my freakin day to see them both standing beside one another smiling their asses off. Suck it Midget Tom.

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    Got damn they both look scary.
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    i thought this was a picture of them both together. *disappointed*
    katie looks like shit. does she have a sunburn?
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    Katie looks like she smeared some horrid greasy bronzer all over her face. Without looking in the mirror.

    Nicole looks...dour.
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    She literally looks like shit o_O
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    Maybe Katie rushed from doing rails in the back alley to this gig? Either way, she must have done something in a back alley to look like this.

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