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Thread: Melanie Griffith & Dakota Johnson in Saint Laurent - Oscars 2015

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    What a gorgeous dress Dakota is wearing. It's red and sparkly.. i'm so hooked. She looks incredible!

    Melanie looks good here too.. i like her vampy long dress.

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    this is the best dakota has ever looked. love the sparkly strap and her make-up is flawless.
    there's not much melanie can do about her face at this point, so, apart from that, she looks good.
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    Dakota looks fantastic and Melanie does as well if you don't stare at the bad PS too long.
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    I think Dakota is very ordinary looking.

    Yay for Melanie covering up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    For her, it's good.
    But she's got serious coke nose - look how her nose bridge is flattened.
    Yeah, her nose is disgusting. She used to be so cute.

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