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Thread: Madonna in Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy - Met Gala 2016

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    I support her bagging up that face.
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    Call me crazy but I don't think her face looks that bad here. It's a far away enough shot and the makeup is soft and simple, so that the fillers, etc are not obvious.

    The hair is inexcusably bad. And the outfit is laughable and so desperate. Although somehow I don't quite feel the same when, say, Cher does the same. Or take Tina Turner, she still looks sexy on stage without reeking of desperation.

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    This is not about sexism or ageism, it's about an attention whore wearing an ugly, ridiculous outfit.
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    Grandma was making a political statement? Ahh, I see. She's so full of shit. This has nothing to do with ageism, sexism or any ism. She looks stupid. She would have looked stupid in that outfit at 30 too. It's ugly. There is a way to be sexy without looking like an idiot. She's never figured that out. She just wants to shock. I'm so over it.
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    HOLY GOOD GOD DAMN!!!! That mug!
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    Edit: did this bitch really try to compare herself to Nina Simone, who was called ugly because of her NATURAL, ethnic facial features and dark skin??? Don't go there, Madonna!!!!!
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    If Nina were alive, she'd have Madonna in TEARS right now.
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