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Thread: Madonna in Ralph Lauren and her son David - Grammys 2014

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    The most radical, shocking choice she could make at this point would be to let herself grow old gracefully.

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    You should change your hair, makeup and style a bit as you age. It really makes you look like you're aging gracefully. When you try to be look 30 years younger, you fail and look like shit. This goes for men as well as women.

    I see guys around here with board shorts, goatees and spiked up hair and they're in their 50's. Change it up. You don't look 20. Just silly.
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    I read some comment about her choosing this outfit and it was something like David wanted her to wear it and she "obeyed." Skeeved me out.

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    the right side of her face is completely fucked. david is really cute.
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    Her face looks really freaky. I honestly prefer wrinkles to a messed-up face like hers.

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