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Thread: Lindsay Lohan wows in a flowing Fendi dress at Asian Awards in London

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    the dress does unflattering things to her boobs. her face - there's no going back, but she has looked worse in the past. her haircolor actually looks nice.
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    She has the face of someone going through rigamortis.

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    I've seen her look way worse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixie View Post
    I agree, a nude underwire bra would have done wonders. But not much can be done about that face. Well, stopping with the lip fillers might help. But then I think her new choppers might look even more out of place. I dunno. I know her old teeth got jacked and needed to be fixed, but the new ones suck.

    For comparison...she had a nice smile. Now it's an old lady with dentures smile.

    oh, and stop with that blowing kisses thing, it's old and ridiculous. Kinda like you.
    All the PS she's had done to herself below her nose is a tragedy. Her mouth and chin no longer fit the rest of her face, and those teeth are awful. Shame, she was so pretty before all the PS

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    She grosses me out, her face is ruined with by all that PS.

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