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Thread: Lindsay Lohan in a black bikini in Greece

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    True story: When I was young, thin and GORGEOUS (well, the first two anyway) I still had terrible saggy boobs. I had them before I had kids. Bananas in wet socks. My mother said I inherited them from my (paternal) grandmother, which I pretty much did. NO amount of "cuppage" helped. I still looked (worse than)LiLo, through no fault of my own.

    That being said, I didn't wear fucking bathing suits/bikinis that emphasized that shit. She seems PROUD of those fucking things like she looks like everyone else with a nice rack in Hollywood.

    Also, again--that being said-- my tits look better at 54 than hers do at whatever age she is now. I could definitely get away with "side-boob" now. (Just not side-GUT)
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    There are bikini tops that will give the illusion that her tits don't sag to her knees. That side boob is such a deflated balloon.
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    I love it. Every time I see her pictures, I laugh at how bad she looks in her mid 20's and how great us women in our 40's look....and 50's...and 60's.
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    jeezus, my ass isn't as flat as hers.
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    She should spend the money that people are still unaccountably paying her on top-to-toe upholstery but then she would have to stop er, enjoying herself.

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