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Thread: Lauren Conrad's yellow coat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs P View Post
    I love the color, but hate that clown bib.
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    Well, SHE's certainly not going to get run over today. *squints from the brightness*
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    Love the coat, but the makeup is over the top.
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    Loooove all of it.. the coat, the shoes, the sunglasses, the lipstck. Gorgeous.

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    I like the coat except for the clown collar. The color is nice, but not on her. She needs a cool, buttery yellow.

    Quote Originally Posted by denny View Post
    yeah, you are right. It really depends on what type you are.

    I'm what you call a winter type: I can only were cold colours with a tinge to the blue side in them. Like deep purple, deep fuchsia, royal blue. Contrasting my dark hair and eyebrows.

    Just a slightly different shade of the same colour would make me look rather pale or ill. Cannot wear light greens and pinks.
    You and I have the same coloring. As for light greens, I think Celadon and Chartreuse can look nice on "winters".

    No light pinks, but coral is good. Most every shade of yellow sucks on me.

    Periwinkle, ice blue, deep jade green, fuschia, turquoise, amethyst, and cool wine/burgundy... my favorites.

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    Im the warm type that need to glitter all the time
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