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Thread: Kim Kardashian in Lanvin & Kanye West - Met Gala 2014

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    She should have stuck with the first shoes. I'll admit this is good for her but it still sucks.
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    it would have been best with the plain belt and first pair of shoes.
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    Dress is beautiful but it's ruined by this trashy Kow and her fat leg. Why any designer would want her to wear their dresses is a mystery to me. She cheapens it and makes even the most elegant dress look vulgar. Her body is made for trashy sausage casings found at Bebe and Wet Seal not haute couture.

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    This ugly trash bag can fuck right off.
    that said, i love the dress and even she can't ruin it, even if she does make it look considerably trashier than it would on a less vulgar chick.
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    They tried to klass her up in the limo! It almost worked but for the too high split. She should wear more teal.

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    Attentionwhorish, vapid, dumb assholes.
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    I would have loved to see this on someone like Reese Witherspoon. It's flattering to a petite figure and the cut is slimming. Plus it's just sexy enough to break out of her comfort zone. As for KK... It's like trying to compensate for a shitty gift with gorgeous wrapping paper. No matter what you do, the person will still want to return it.
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