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Thread: Kelly Osbourne in Alexander McQueen - 2015 MTV Movie Awards

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    God, I needed to be warned about that closeup, that's some scary shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post

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    She looks like she is performing later at a Drag King event with Beth Ditto!!
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    The hair is terrible! I think she could look a lot more attractive if she just got a decent hairstyle. While she's no great beauty, she's far from ugly and could look quite pretty if she made the most of what she's got.

    Poor thing does have unfortunate arms and calves and there's really nothing you can do for those. Oh, and that's not a moustache, it's melasma. Melasma is a bitch! It's ridiculously hard to conceal and seems to bleed through whatever concealer/foundation you put on. She's probably on birth control pills as they're known to cause it.

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    She's ugly inside and it always comes through.
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    Freaking awful.
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    Frightening. As usual, why is she there?
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    Love the dress!
    Not sure why she insists on the Mohawk/faux-hawk thing. It only accentuates her fat head/fat face. And please, for the love of all that is good, find a new hair color!

    I remember for a brief time her hair was a normal color, & a nice length. My, my, she has a really nice head of hair (yes, I'm jealous. My hair is thin, frizzy, & generally sucks). It's really the one thing that she hit the jackpot with (physically). I don't know why she doesn't embrace it.
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