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Thread: Keep A Child Alive's Black Ball in New York City

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    I love Serena's dress but not on her, I want Kerry's dress that is fucking awesome!
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    Serena's arms look really gross. Just awful. Alicia keys should never wear skinny jeans. She should only wear bootcut or maybe flared styles. I don't know who the chick in the white dress is but her look is very pretty and feminine. Queen Latifah is fab and so is the woman in the black dress. Tyra is Tyra. I love her because she is completely insane and always looks... well, like how she does here. She's pure entertainment.

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    Serena's arms would look fine if the dress wasn't squeezing her torso in so much.

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    Lala is BFF's with Kim K!! Explains the stupid necklace on her head thing.

    I do like Serena's dress, but she has to start dressing for her body type. Something that covers a bit of her arms. Especially in the shoulder area.

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