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Thread: Katie Holmes wears hot pink bikini in Miami

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    Quote Originally Posted by faithanne View Post
    She was always pretty and "natural" rather than glamorous, but she tried too hard and ended up looking ridiculous.
    Agreed. She always looked like a little girl playing dress up, especially in the Victoria Beckham days. Then she got really slovenly. I wish she could settle on a definitive look. In the right clothes and styling, she looks great. She hasn't had a decent red carpet showing in years, though. I had high hopes after the divorce, but it was just a parade of fug. Instead of cleaning herself up and maybe going back to that sort of preppy all-American look that suits her nicely, she adopted a uniform of black opaque tights, denim skirts, and those ridiculous suede booties. Once all together. She's hopeless.

    The bikini pictures don't bother me at all, but I agree with others that she looks far too normal these days. It just bothers me more when she's dressed. I don't give a shit what any celeb's stomach looks like after pregnancy, but I do expect some level of polish when they have clothes on. If she stopped trying so hard to look like she isn't trying, she might give off a little more of that Hollywood glossiness. She's not high fashion, but that doesn't mean she can't look famous. There are plenty of natural looking actresses that still give off that celebrity shine.

    Mostly, I just think a celebrity should either be talented or extraordinary looking. If they're really charming and personable, they can be both. I've seen everything she's been in. It would really help her image if she'd just start looking gorgeous.
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    I'll put it this way... In wound care, what slows down or prevents healing more than anything is being a smoker. If you have good genes or otherwise healthy habits, your skin might look better than another smoker with shittier genes and less healthy habits. But if you want your skin to look less shitty overall, quit smoking.
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    And vitamin C?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kittylady View Post
    I smoke but stay out of the sun and only a prolonged bout of dysentery is going to make me thin. Does this mean that I'm doomed to only be fairly attractive?

    As for Kool Aid Kate I think she looks fine. She's a normal woman just getting on with her holiday, not giving a fuck.
    Dunno, since the baseline "abstraction" didn't change, just looked "older".
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    I love that she doesn't care to let her otherwise imperfect stomach all hang out even if you can clearly see where the alien has tried to claw it's way out

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