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Thread: Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

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    She looks beautiful!!

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    Kate looks amazing!
    I love how the ladies look elegant and regal, and the men are just silly.

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    Kudos to Kate - or whoever influenced her - for putting her hair up. The dress is beautiful, too.

    I can't with Camilla's hair. I know she's had it like that for 45 years, but that doesn't do much to recommend it, IMO.
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    she does look good with her hair up but does she have to pick the same matronly old lady bun every time? so many updos and this is what she chooses?
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    Hate the dress. It is boring as hell.
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    Why is everyone except Kate wearing a blue sash? What do the sashes mean? Edit: looked it up. For anyone who is interested, I guess it's evidence of an order and Kate hasn't been given one yet?

    edit: She looks very healthy for once, even her arms look less skeletal. Pregnant?
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    There is a rumour that Princess Kate is pregnant and spending Christmas with the Middletons!
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