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Thread: Justin Bieber bike riding in LA

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    Think of it, one's relationship with pizza is probably the most stable throughout life, so that is definitely worth the commitment
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    When I was very little ... I want to say around 7-ish ... I was riding barefoot and somehow (never underestimate the power of klutziness) got my high foot too close to the spokes. It took off the complete pad under my big foot. I blacked out from the pain and my elderly neighbor carried me all the way home (over a block). No stitches, just some bandages and an elestatic bandage over the whole thing. It took forever to heal, and I remember it hurt all.the.time, but it didn't stop me from going to a planned visit to Great Adventure post accident about 2-3 days.
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    OMG, I've done that. But I was a drunk 20 year old kicking a nerf football barefoot. I was so gnarly awful.

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