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Thread: Jude Law in V-neck T-shirt

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    He is beautiful!
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    The v neck is ridiculous, he looks borderline skeevy and he looks like he's out with his daughter in the first pic.

    I'd still hit it. Hard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stef View Post
    v-necks on men are unacceptable. they're just wrong, on anyone, and instantly make you look like a douche. the whole outfit is unfortunate and makes him look like a hobbit.
    i still would, though.
    I think it can be done right though. We went to an American/Indian wedding recently and there was a very tall, thin elegant 30 year old Indian man there who was wearing the whitest v neck I have ever seen and, frankly, he was a bit mesmerizing.

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    Default wrong, yet so many of us still would. WHAT is it that he still has?

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    He lost the hot for me long ago. He looks like Lord of the Douches in that outfit.

    I still would. But only so I could come here and tell you all. He's just a trophy lay now.
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    I never would. Not even when he was in his prime. I don't get it myself because normally I like blond men.

    His outfit is terrible, from top to bottom.

    The girl has a scary profile with that jaw and nose. She looks like a young witch.
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    Is that new hair? I remember it being a lot thinner.
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