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Thread: Jennifer Lopez in Ralph & Russo - 2019 IFP Gotham Independent Film Awards

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    Her face is so punch-able. I hate the makeup, the ghastly hair and the stupid expression and the dress gives me hives just looking at it. I do like the shoes though I wouldn't be able to walk a foot in them.
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    I agree about the makeup: That highlighting job only highlights the unevenness of her nose job at the bridge. Probably not what she was aiming for and it looks horrible.
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    What in God's name is happening to her eyebrows?!
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    Medusa Hair. Me no likey
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylkyn View Post
    I hate the frozen, hard Ethel Kennedy beehive but I like the hell out of the dress. Not a fan of her makeup here, either. It looks plastered on.

    That hairstyle is not a beehive. I'm not sure what you'd call it, but a beehive hairdo looks like a beehive. I like J-Lo's hair here although not the hair net over it. More women should wear their hair up for dressy occasions; it looks elegant and sophisticated if done well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honeythorn View Post
    That make-up yo! I KNOW she copied RuPauls DR, RAVEN's signature exclamation point nose. She looks stupid. lol
    That can't be unseen now, LOL.

    I think the piled up hair (piece) is called coiled ringlets.
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