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Thread: Jennifer Aniston in Versace & Justin Theroux - Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2017

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    I'm kind of sad she didn't take this opportunity to do the Angelina pose.
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    i don't like the sheer material on the dress.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsDark View Post
    Her body definitely makes the case for staying child-free!
    and her face is making the case for wearing a bag with eyeholes
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    She looked so much cuter in the early days of Friends when she was a little heavier. When she lost weight and started with the straight hair that she's now had for years it made her look much harsher. Now that she's getting older, pumping her face with filler isn't going to help, just make her look puffy.

    She and Justin must have gone in for the his n' hers special. He definitely looks refreshed and less creased.
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    I think they both look great. She rarely makes a misstep when dressing for a big event and she's got the body to wear a sheer dress like that.
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