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Thread: Jamie Lynn, Britney and Tina Spears: Jamie Lynn's Wedding on 3/14/2014

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    Maddie is a cute girl. Jamie Lynn looks slightly better in those pics.
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    The wedding was in the Audubon Tea Room, which is a beautiful (and relatively expensive) venue. I can't figure out what Lynne is wearing or why she and Jamie Lynn are wearing furs. I was in New Orleans last weekend and didn't think it was anywhere near cold enough for that.

    Jamie Lynn looks nice in the heavily, HEAVILY airbrushed official pics, but she looks like a hot mess in all of the candids. Britney looks the best out of the three. I wonder if she chose that dress or if that was a bridesmaid dress chosen by Jamie Lynn. It sort of looks like the kids may have been the only wedding party members.
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    Everyone is a hot mess and no one looks very happy in the candid shots. I almost didn't recognize Britney. I give that marriage a few years, tops.

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    Is the groom holding himself?

    I didn't know Walmart had a bridal collection.
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    ^ I vote crabs.
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    In fairness the candids look like pap shots so they might be looking pissed off at being invaded. Also, if the candids are at the end of the night when everyone's heading home...if their wedding is anything like the ones I've been to then everyone's steaming
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