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Thread: Jada Pinkett-Smith and daughter Willow

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    Mom is pretty bad too I feel like she's dressed Willows age.

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    Wow, I don't even know what to say about Willow. Do her parents give her a bunch of credit cards and just let her buy/wear whatever she wants? Isn't she like 11 or something? And those have got to be the ugliest leggings ever that Jada is wearing and she did the impossible and made them even worse with the mismatched orange shirt.

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    i feel sorry for willow. her idiot parents probably told her to walk around in this ridiculous outfit so people will notice her, which is just sad. she's 12 and should behave and dress just like that, like a child.
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    Willow looks like Professor Quirrell from HP. That could make Jada Voldemort.

    I don't believe Willow's parents make her do anything. Most kids at 12 have strong opinions about what they want to wear. Willow just has really bad opinions due to being an attention whore.
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    "I whip my coat back and forth, I whip my coat back and forth" ...
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    I wonder if they had a fight about Willow going out in that? At least it's not too revealing....
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    If I did not knwo this was Willow - and a FEMALE - I would have know it was the spawn of Will Smith - it looks EXACTLY like HIM.

    Outfit is redic. And bitchface to boot.

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