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Thread: Heather Graham: Just Cavalli Store Opening!

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    That outfit would look best in a trash bin. Preferably on fire. The shoes gotta go on top of the heap.
    She looks great, though. I think she's gorgeous (even her crazy runaway-bride eyes!), but needs to find a new stylist. Or a mirror. Or both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisNine View Post
    I'm not sure. I took a look at some pics of her when she was in Swingers and she had large eyes, but not the crazy eyes. I don't know what does that. An eyebrow lift or something? Too much botox in the forehead? Could be nothing. I have a Facebook friend that always has that look, but it's combined with duck face.
    well, whatever she did, the surgeon did a great job. we can't tell what she's done, she looks great, and she still looks like herself. *i* want to see her doc!

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