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Thread: Halle Berry and Jeffrey Dean Morgan - 2015 Comic-Con

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    He is so damn hot and she looks fabulous.

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    I would take JDM over her oily husband any day.

    Blind Item #1
    She has never said she has split with her husband so this former A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee turned television actress is a cheater I guess. I mean the husband cheats a bunch, so who could blame her, but she is cheating with her co-star. Not even shy about it this past week while promoting their show together.

    Popular Guess: Halle Berry and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    It would seem ill advised since Morgan is 6'2" and often plays pretty rugged dudes.
    Well yes, he plays rugged dudes but I wouldn't let someone that played a doctor operate on me

    He's hot though.
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    I seem to be the only woman on the planet who is creeped out by JDM. Especially during his Denny arc on Grey's Anatomy.
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    Well, according to blind items they are fucking.

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