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Thread: Gwyneth Paltrow in Victoria Beckham

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    Only Victoria looks good in Victoria Becham. Gwyn does look like Jessica Biel now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geest View Post
    Only Victoria looks good in Victoria Becham. Gwyn does look like Jessica Biel now
    This - or anyone with her body type, the whopping .5% of the population. Looks horrible.

    I don't think that she looks like she did anything to her face so much as it looks like she may have gained a few pounds.
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    Really? She was a raddled old smoker, I mean lover of organic foods. She's been massively 'refreshed.'
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    That's one fugly ass outfit from head to toe.
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    OMG, the teeth! That outfit is fug, and her face looks older now than before the work.

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    Is she contractually obligated to promote something? If not, WHY?? WHY? WHY????? would she subject our eyes to her wonky new eye and jacked new horse teeth? Maybe the wonky eye gives her like a circus mirror effect so she couldn't really see how horrible she looks.
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    the dress hangs terribly and would look ugly even on the hanger. i like the shoes.
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