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Thread: Ewan McGregor and Jennifer Connelly in Louis Vuitton - 'American Pastoral' Photocall

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    she looks like a little kid playing dress up with Daddy's shoes.
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    I think the boots may have been better without the enormous heels, but I'm also an old-school dr martens fan 😊
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    Quote Originally Posted by yanna View Post
    I'll go against the grain here and say that I do find her legs skinny but they are shapely. Quite nice, actually. And I don't think the boots are age appropriate but I kinda like them. What can I say, I was into grunge as a teen.
    I'm with you. I'd love to have legs that thin. And while I have (finally) retired my Doc Martens, I think it's cool that she's got a style that she apparently likes and has stuck with it. It makes way more sense than tottering around on five inch stilettos.

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    the boots are so big, it looks like when she takes a step she's gonna walk right out of them.
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