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Thread: Demi Lovato - 2020 People's Choice Awards

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    I really wanted to come here & say that she looks great for losing 160lbs...... But I honestly can't.
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    Aw well, I have a soft spot for her. Though I agree most of this is awful and I hate the wigs. I do like the red piece but it almost looks too big for her, which is interesting because everything else seems too small.

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    She's been sick, so hmm. She needs a better stylist, shorter wigs and never to wear high necklines.
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    she got her hair cut and in these pics at least, she's really pulling it off. let's see how it looks when she's out and about.
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    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    That short half-shaved cut looks good on her. Kind of 80's in a good way.
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    I mean anyone would look good with that much photoshopping/airbrushing, good lord
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