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Thread: Christina Hendricks in Boden and Dolce & Gabbana

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    Photos of her with barely b cups lead me to believe the opposite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    not great. not even good but still better than usual. yes, the buttons are gaping around her boobs but if she went a size up it would be too big everywhere else. she should just have a seamstress sew tiny snap buttons in between the regular buttons to fix the gaping. my aunt has gigantor boobs and she's been doing that for decades because otherwise her options are either muumuus or clothes big enough to fit her boobs but too big everywhere else. the skirt doesn't really work with the colour of the top but at least it fits right. the shoes are awful though. i wish she had a stylist who understood how to dress her body.
    Agree, I like this better than usual too. Helps that she is lovely in blue. I've altered button-up tops as you described for most of my life! Ha.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sasha View Post
    The stylists on MM understand how to dress her body, starting with mega-super-uber foundation garments. I understand Christina not wanting to go retro in her personal style choices but it won't hurt her to do it just for the red carpet. At least occasionally. I think mainly she just needs a personal seamstress on call to alter her public outfits.
    Exactly--she needs a stylist and a dressmaker to replicate popular styles or alter designer clothes extensively so she can wear them. She just refuses to make the effort, apparently.
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    After seeing her 'assets' nearly falling out on some red carpet show or other, I think she knows what she is doing.
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    I think her boobs are real.

    Christina is a great example of camera angles. Straight on she can look like a goddess, from the side a tank.

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