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Thread: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge In LK Bennett

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    The hair - can we brush out the hot rollers at the ends of the hair puulllease?? I like the red color of the coat and the boots don't bother me either.

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    She looks manly.

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    I want to feed her. She's got a big coat on and she's still shockingly thin and narrow. Her hair is gorgeous, it would be awesome if she did something a little different with it.

    My eyesight must be going because I couldn't tell those boots were brown, they looked black to me. Plus, I don't think the boots are so bad, what's wrong with them?

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    I must be the only person on earth who thinks she looks good and not skinny. She has a long,lean frame. Her hair and skin are too good for someone with an eating disorder- also her teeth. I just don't see it.
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