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Thread: Angelina Jolie with daughters Zahara and Shiloh in Los Angeles

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    Angelina's hair looks awfully thin here.
    FUCK YOU AND GIVE ME MY GODDAMN VENTI TWO PUMP LIGHT WHIP MOCHA YOU COCKSUCKING WHORE BEFORE I PUNCH YOU IN THE MOUTH. I just get unpleasant in my car. - Deej Healthy is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

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    ^ That's what happens when you don't eat.

    (I have just found out Cim is allegedly bald although we know she eats ice cream )
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    Nice to see Angelina in different shoes.
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    I think she needed to get those boots taken in to fit her scrawny legs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by harlowhog View Post
    Zahara has bigger thighs than Angelina.
    i noticed that too. AJ is scary skinny.

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