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Thread: Amal Clooney's leather leggings

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    She's a handsome woman, in a good way, no snark.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    She is giving a talk at Columbia University. Better her than Kanye!
    I read somewhere that she's teaching at Columbia. Most likely as an adjunct but I don't know if that's just a rumor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    Every time I see her name, I see "ANAL" Clooney...
    That's how she snagged him.
    'I had to get rid of the kid. The cat was allergic.'

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    I like the outfit but yeah she is humming I'm Too Sexy in her head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lofty Bike View Post
    I understand that she is an intelligent person, but to my eyes, she is ugly and I don't get why she is parading around in high fashion as if she were a model.
    Because she's skinny. Therefore 'hot'.

    With the exception of great hair, I also think she's highly overrated in the looks department.

    She's not even shapely-skinny, just skeleton skinny. And to quote the pageant manatyys...definitely not facially gifted. I can totally buy that rumored BI that Clooney is into her because she makes a convincing boy when in drag. She's got giant man hands.

    Now that I've been a complete bitch here, let me just say I'd rather listen to her speak all day on any subject than subject myself to Kanye. I'd rather have her wardrobe (it would have to resized to fit an adult female though) than anything designed or worn by the Kunts (including Kanye).

    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    Every time I see her name, I see "ANAL" Clooney...
    Me too. Anal Aladdin is stuck in my brain since the first time I read it here.
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