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Thread: Alexander Skarsgard & girlfriend Alexa Chung - 'The Legend Of Tarzan' London Premiere

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiny Pixie View Post
    This interview is really fun, he seems nice, too bad he dates smug skeletal morons
    Yea, it kinda of ruins it for me knowing that he dates Alexa

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    I think he's hot and adorable. Kind of dorky, too. That's a really hard combo to achieve. He's very Swedish to me. The sense of humor and everything.
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    She needs a pixie cut, because her hair looks like that's the best it can do.
    “What are you looking at, sugar-tits?” - Mel Gibson

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    Her legs are horrific. Yeah body shaming but you can't tell me it'd be impossible for her to put on some healthy weight.
    Can't imagine what nightmarish vision she is nekkid.
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