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Thread: Madonna with kids

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    Default Madonna with kids


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    For some reason David has never seemed like anything but a publicity stunt to her.

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    ugly boots.
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    David has cute shoes, I don't find him very cute though, I like the Obama bag

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    Her cheekbones are exceptionally scary without makeup.
    The outfit is less icky than usual, though, especially since it hides a lot of her.

    Yay for winter clothing on Madonna!

    Lourdes' boots look like vintage boxing boots, though. Weird.

    And the Obama bag unfortunately puts me in mind of this:

    Hillary Clinton: Mao do you do?: The Swamp

    and they both unfortunately remind me of:

    Is this a common motif in political posters nowadays?

    Because I am no scholar of such things, but Mao came immediately to mind....
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