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Thread: Victoria Beckham's jeans go on clearance at Loehmanns in Receda, CA for $69.99

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    Default Victoria Beckham's jeans go on clearance at Loehmanns in Receda, CA for $69.99

    Thursday, April 24th 2008
    Posh Spice Is On Clearance

    Ever wanted to own a pair of jeans from Posh's denim line, but couldn't afford the $300 price tag? Yeah, didn't think so. A pair of Posh jeans will set you back 289 clams if you buy that shit at Fred Segal or Kitson. Just down the freeway in Reseda, CA, you can buy the same pair for $69.99 at Loehmanns. Loehmanns is the shit! Posh should feel privileged that they are carrying her denim line. She is next to all the great designers.
    There have been rumors that Posh's denim line was being dumped by Kitson and Fred Segal. All parties involved have denied these rumors. Well, what's their loss is Loehmanns gain! I bet you that shit still isn't selling.
    And what the fuck is with charging $300 for a pair of damn jeans! You know, I bought a pair of jeans the other day and the salesbitch told me to never wash them. EVER! He told them that shit would shrink and then I wouldn't be able to wear them anymore. He told me that if they start to stink, stick them in freezer. I should stick myself in the freezer as punishment for buying those jeans even after he told me I couldn't wash them. If you suddenly smell some musty ass jelly, turn around and I'll be there. Blame the jeans!
    Here's some more pics of Posh with kiddies and an outside shot of the super glamorous Loehmanns in Reseda.
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    That is still $40 too much.

    My my, didn't we all just dip our tongues in some acid today.

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    going to hell in a handbasket


    Wonder when they'll turn up in TJMaxx

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    Vicky B jeans suck!

    I saw a girl on the subway the other day wearing a pair...and the seamlines were all messed up.
    They are very poorly made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackho View Post
    That is still $40 too much.
    you're too kind

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belindagogo View Post
    Wonder when they'll turn up in TJMaxx
    Someone should call!

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    Default Victoria Beckham's jeans fly off the shelves ... into the bargain basement stores

    After her solo career bit the dust, ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham relaunched herself as a fashion designer, specialising in jeans.

    But her dVb range of denim has been taken off the shelves of L.A's designer boutiques - and dumped into the bins of bargain basement superstores.
    Victoria's jeans are currently being sold for under 35 in shops like Loemanns in Reseda, California. Scroll down for more...
    Victoria Beckham strikes a pose at the launch of her jeans in the upmarket store Saks Fifth Avenue, in Boston

    Posing: But the former Spice Girl's jeans line has fallen flat

    But Mrs Beckham's high flying designer career seems to have taken a nose-dive as her jeans appear at cut prices in bargain stores

    The same jeans were for sale for upwards of 145 in Beverly Hills boutiques such as Kitson and Fred Segal.
    It is the latest in a long line of troubles for the singer turned designer.
    Earlier this month Victoria was reportedly left in tears after a falling out with Fraser Ross, who owns Kitson in Beverly Hills.
    The boutique owner pulled dVb off of the shelves after Victoria failed to turn up for promotion work, according to reports.
    Posh was later pictured making an appearance at the store amid reports the line was about to be dropped. Scroll down for more...
    Bargain basement: Loehmann's store is a long way from Saks Fifth Avenue and Kitson

    Ross has since denied the reports.
    "The rumors are ridiculous - Kitson is extremely proud to be selling dVb by Victoria Beckham. We are fully committed to the dVb collection and our customers and Victoria's fans ask for it daily," he said.
    The jeans were at the centre of a bitter denim war last year after a fashion chief slammed Victoria's new designs and called the fabrics she used "cheap".
    After Victoria left trendy label Rock & Republic to start working on her own company the firm fired back branding the jeans "seriously overpriced" and made from "cheap fabrics". Scroll down for more...
    Binned: The Beckham denims have been slashed in price

    A spokesman for Robert de Keyser, owner of distributor Dekeyser Fashions, said: "The new Beckham range appears to be seriously overpriced for a line which is made, unlike other premium denims, in China out of a cheap fabric.
    "Whatever Victoria learned about denim from working with Rock & Republic appears to have been lost."
    Posh refused to be dragged into the row.
    Her spokesman said at the time: "Victoria had a happy working relationship with Rock & Republic and she's not going to start being negative about them now." Scroll down for more...
    Kickabout: David Beckham appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday

    Despite the negativity surrounding his hapless wife, the other half of brand-Beckham continued the pair's relentless publicity assault on the U.S.A. David Beckham appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday, where he demonstrated his football skills in the studio.

    Victoria Beckham's jeans fly off the shelves of L.A's designer boutiques ... into the bargain basement stores | the Daily Mail

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    Bahahaha, so awesome.

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    Oh yes...I love this colossal failure. She's such a phony no one wants to give her any more money. Let's see, I guess most people who wear jeans enjoy having an ass.

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    Her jeans do look cheaply made.
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    Please tell me that scrap of blue fabric is a denim belt and not a skirt.

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