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Thread: Alex Gerrard's Zagliani python-skin botox handbag

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    Default Alex Gerrard's Zagliani python-skin botox handbag

    The large python-skin bag, which was designed by a former dermatologist has been injected with Botox to make the skin more plump and softer.

    It costs $3,000 (1,500)

    FYI- Alex Gerrard is a model, columnist and wife of Soccer star Steven Gerrard.

    Daily Mail


    It looks very nice but a botox bag is probably one of the most ridiculous things i have ever heard of.

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    I think it's gross. I hate snake skin and I seriously doubt that that skin was sourced without animal cruelty being involved. And the whole botox thing is such a gimmicky thing.
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    Her handbag is prettier than her husband.

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    Botox for a handbag?! WTF!!

    It's okay looking.
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    I like the bag. Her face looks botoxed too. Maybe they went and got it done at the same time.

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