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Thread: Ashley Olsen's bag and Wellies

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    Default Ashley Olsen's bag and Wellies

    Givenchy bag,Hunter Wellies..
    Do you like?,source
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    Those wellies look like any ordinary wellies but they actually cost hundreds of dollars [can't remember the exact price] whereas mine cost roughly 15 haha...

    ......i do like the wellies though but i HATE that they are now seen as "fashionable" all of a sudden. I went into H&M yesterday and there were loads of wellies in the shoe section and i was like " WTF....when the hell did H&M start selling wellies"

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    it's cute. and i covet that givenchy bag.
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    that bag is really cool and it matches her leather-jacket also.
    but i just can't stand that wellies. errr.

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    she looks mad. i'm scared.

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