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Thread: Robin Tunney's silver platform shoes

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    Default Robin Tunney's silver platform shoes

    So, I was bored... searching Getty Images for random celebrity event photos, and I saw one of Robin Tunney and couldn't help but noticing her shoes.

    This is the first photo I saw with of her with them on at the October 2007 premiere of 'The Assassination of Jesse James' in London..

    Photo 1

    I started looking at older pictures and she wore the same shoes not once, twice, but SEVEN times.

    Photo 2
    Photo 3
    Photo 4
    Photo 5
    Photo 6
    Photo 7 (with straps)

    She wore them to every event she attended in 2007.

    I know a great pair of shoes is invaluable... but these shoes are butt ugly.

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    I have to agree, not only has she worn those shoes too much it sure does not help that they are fug too.

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    Amazing, I was wondering about what happened to that actress...The Craft was on 2 weekends ago.
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    Dancing on your grave!!!!


    Maybe they're really comfy? Gawd I hate most platforms.

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