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Thread: Natalie Portman - the best dressed lady of 2007

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    Default Natalie Portman - the best dressed lady of 2007

    Probably everybody understands how important it is for a lady to have a good taste and to wear appropriate clothes. When a woman is dressed stylishly and all her accessories make a good match with each other, she feels self-confident and beautiful: everybody notices it and admires her.

    Fashion Icons, Natalie Portman - The Best Dressed Lady of 2007
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    I do like her outfits most of the time. She's so purty.

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    I'm really mixed on her fashion sense. I like it when she wears really tailored delicate dresses that suit her extremely petite frame, but other times I see her wearing terrible bag dresses that are very 'bleh' and just devour her frame.
    Aside from that one-time self-tanner accident, I've always thought her red-carpet make-up and hair have been consistently great. She's one of those people who on occasion may look a little bland, but she never, ever looks trashy.
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    Her fashion sense sucks, just like she does.

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    Her fringe looks awful there, it's reminiscent of a greasy comb-over.
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    Natalie...meh. Watch-trend....shitty blogspam.

    Rest of the list:
    "In Style magazine has revealed its 2007 Best Dressed Awards.
    The top 10 include:
    - Natalie Portman - Nothing to It
    - Drew Barrymore - My, How You've Grown
    - Penelope Cruz - The Reign From Spain
    - Jennifer Lopez - Make Way, Please
    - Anne Hathaway - Beat the Devil
    - Cate Blanchett - The REAL Brave One
    - Sienna Miller - The Girl Can't Help It
    - Helen Mirren - Age Befriends Beauty
    - Joy Bryant - Jump for Her
    The publication also chose 15 other women who were standouts throughout the year, Among them:
    - Reese Witherspoon - She Knocked Our Sock Off
    - Emily Blunt - The One We're Watching
    - Jennifer Hudson - Best New Hollywood Glamour
    - Katherine Heigl - Best Old Hollywood Glamour
    - Jennifer Aniston - Choice
    - Rihanna - Best Mini
    - Kate Winslet - Best New Screen Goddess
    - Jodie Foster - Best Red Carpet Return
    - Diane Keaton - Can Never Be Duplicated
    - Sandra Bullock - Best Return to Romance
    - Sarah Jessica Parker - Favorite Party Dress
    - Halle Berry - Best Sequin-Free Sparkle"
    Style browsing: Dec. 6 : Style : Knoxville News Sentinel

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