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Thread: There are no knives in Vanessa Minnillo's Coach bag

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    Default There are no knives in Vanessa Minnillo's Coach bag

    June 5, 2007
    Vanessa Minnillo's Coach Bag

    “This bag goes with anything,” says Vanessa. Here's what's in this beauty's purse:
    • FLIRT LIP GLOSS “I’m a guest creator on a collection of Flirt glosses, which will be out in August. I always keep light brown and pink on hand.”
    • TREO “I use this as my phone. Nick [Lachey] gave it to me.”
    • DIOR SUNGLASSES “They don’t have a nosepiece, so I can wear them on top of my head without tangling my hair.”
    • FENDI WALLET “When I moved to N.Y.C., I had a little girl’s wallet. My best friend told me I needed a ‘power wallet.’”
    • ESTEE LAUDER PLEASURES “In eighth grade I worked in an insurance office. The secretary bought me a bottle, and I’ve stuck with it.”
    • T-MOBILE SIDEKICK “I use it for e-mail only. One time I tried to consolidate my phone and e-mail into one device. It was the worst month of my life!”
    • IPOD “It’s not full yet, but I just made a modern-rock playlist."

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    She obviously forgot to mention the Valtrex, condoms & cocaine.
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