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Thread: Shoppers crazy about Kate Moss' clothing line

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    Default Shoppers crazy about Kate Moss' clothing line

    FASHION fans ransacked the rails at Topshop last night at the launch of Kate Moss’s clothing line.

    Store bosses tried to stop a scramble by letting in batches of 150 at a time to browse for just 20 minutes.

    Kate, 33, wore a red dress to briefly pose like a mannequin in the window at the flagship store in London’s Oxford Street.

    Then she sipped champagne with billionaire store boss Sir Philip Green, who said: “It’s exciting. It wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe in it.” Commenting on Kate’s designs, he said: “Her style is different.”

    The supermodel was reportedly paid £3million to create the range.

    Shoppers were allowed to buy just 5 items each at the special four-hour preview session that began at 8pm last night.

    The move was also to stop clothes being sold off quickly on eBay. The same rules will apply when the clothes are launched in 225 stores nationwide this morning. The collection includes 50 designs priced from £12 for a vest top to £150 for a cropped leather jacket.

    Schoolgirls Anna Gordon and Molly Marot, both 13, and Lalaya Lumley, 14, had left classes early in North London and headed straight for the queue. They decorated their foreheads with neon pens saying ‘I Love Kate Moss’.

    The launch attracted Kate’s mum Linda and her celebrity pals, including actress Sadie Frost, Meg Mathews — ex-wife of Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher — and former Hollyoaks star Davina Gardner. Also there were Peaches Geldof and supermodel Lily Cole.

    Topshop has ordered huge quantities of the clothes, expecting high demand. A spokeswoman for the chain said: “Most of the things have been bought in large volumes.”
    The Sun Online - News: Everything Moss go at launch

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    Default looks minging, I had a quick peek and it really looks like everything else on the rails at the moment. SOOOOO don't care about this junkie whore putting her name on ugly ass clothing.
    I smile because I have no idea what's going on

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    It's nothing special

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    I really can't stand that ordinary looking bony coke whore.

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    I thought the thread was about her clothing line. I've only seen pics, but it's nothing I could see myself wearing.

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