America turns on Kate Moss's TopShop collection

NEW! THE BACKLASH AGAINST Kate Moss has gathered pace with New York critics branding her collection for TopShop dull and unoriginal.

Just days after New York magazine poured scorn on the supermodel's designs, saying high street shoppers didn't want 'stuff for size-0, carb-deprived specimens', the New York Post has weighed in with its opinion, too.

Under the headline 'Duplikate', it described the collection as 'oddly familiar'. 'The line she's delivered looks like Kate copying a lot of other people's stuff Kate's worn before,' it said.

The range, for which Kate has been paid 3m, goes on sale in the UK on 1 May and is one of the most eagerly anticipated collections of the year.

It will be launched a week later at Barneys, where the supermodel and TopShop's billionaire owner Sir Philip Green are expected to launch the range in person.

The New York Post's website has published a series of pictures of Kate taken several years ago together with pieces from her new collection, which look almost identical.

And the criticism does not end there. Even the creative director of Barneys, who might have been expected to show a little support, has laid into the British model, describing her as a 'working class slag'.

Simon Doonan said Kate was 'playing to her strengths' with the collection. 'TopShop in Britain cuts across all socio-economic lines,' he told the New York Post. 'It has a democratic cool which makes Kate the perfect person for them. She is not a high-born girl. She's a working class slag from a crap town, like me.' (16 April 2007)

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