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Thread: Sigourney Weaver & Margaret Qualley - 2020 Berlin International Film Festival

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    Default Sigourney Weaver & Margaret Qualley - 2020 Berlin International Film Festival

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    sigourney looks nice in both outfits. margaret looks like an escapee from and FLDS ranch.
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    I quite like Sigourney's dress but not the pants suit which looks like a uniform.

    Her no-makeup look bugs me in the second outfit as she needs brightness on her face.
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    Don't know who the younger girl is but she has a horsey quality about her.
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    ^^Andie MacDowell's daughter, now actress.
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    Yes Mama. Both outfits, especially the dress look fab. Her face is fantastic.

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    Sigourney looks gorgeous but with that cut dress she should lose the belt. If she’s gonna belt it it would look better if the dress was less of a column and had a bit more flare at the hips. The suit would be great if the jacket were a little more fitted, or slightly longer. It’s making her look a little boxy.
    i love the margot’s looks, the dress is gorgeous and I love the boots, hair and make up. The second one needed better styling, the hair and shoes make it look a little frumpy.
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    Sigourney Weaver looks fucking fantastic. It blows me away that she's 70.
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