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Thread: Connie Britton & Rebecca Gayheart - 2020 CORE Gala

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    Default Connie Britton & Rebecca Gayheart - 2020 CORE Gala

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    i like that connie switched up her outfit from those terrible dresses she always chooses but why would you wear a double-breasted coat open?? makes no sense.

    rebecca looks terrible.
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    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    Connie needs an intensive course in styling.
    rebecca looks tired and is wearing greasy foundation and it looks like shes overdone the fillers. I like her outfit though and the woman has always had the most glorious hair, Im insanely jealous.
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    Rebecca's terrifying nowadays.
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    I won't say anything bad about Connie here because this looks far and away better than the previous recent thread pics of her.

    I'll bet anything Rebecca wouldn't look nearly as scary if shed stayed away from the filters. She's not even that old, FFS. I remember when she was having cranked out threesomes in a tub with her hubby. Good times.
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    What does Rebecca even do nowadays? Is she still with McSteamy?

    Connie looks good here.
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    Connie looks ok but she could look MILES better. Unfulfilled potential.

    Rebecca's outfit sucks. It looks like a fancy long nightgown and a jacket. And I can't help it, but I still think of her as 1) Noxzema girl and 2) killing some kid with her car.

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