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Thread: Robert Downey Jr, Brie Larson & Jeremy Renner - Avengers: Endgame Event in Seoul

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    Default Robert Downey Jr, Brie Larson & Jeremy Renner - Avengers: Endgame Event in Seoul

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    Not loving RDJ or Brie's look here. Jeremy looks good.
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    Brie's outfit looks like a dancing costume. Really bad. I love RDJ nd his suit is nice but these shoes are painfully bad. Jeremy Renner is looking good. The Russos and Feige, not so much.
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    RDJ needs to STOP with the platform lifts, he looks ridiculous. Embrace your height, we won't make fun of you!!

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    Brie and rdj both look cartoonish, which might actually be the point given the movie?
    That Barbie pink pageant flounce on Brie's dress is pretty cheeky, I think it’s growing on me.
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    Does Brie have a Flamenco contest later? RDJ looks silly with those boots and the camo tie. He ruined a really nice suit with that bs.
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