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Thread: Prom Dress Fail: Local Designer Screws Over Teen

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    Default Prom Dress Fail: Local Designer Screws Over Teen

    You’d cry, too, if your prom dress looked like this

    By Johannah Masters

    June 9, 2017 | 3:41pm

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    Malexa Maeweather in her would-be prom dress.

    There are so many ways to have a prom-night fashion fail: an ill-fitting dress, a tacky design, dress-code drama. Poor Malexa Maeweather of Rochester, NY, had a tailor-made catastrophe.

    Yahoo Style reports that Maeweather, lusting after an unavailable dress on Instagram, turned to a local designer whom she hoped could create something similar.

    According to mother Dee Lewis, the designer, Kia Wagner, said that she would “play around with the design,” and asked for a $100 deposit (with a $300 charge for the final product).

    Lewis told Yahoo Style that Wagner didn’t have the dress ready until the night before prom — and once Malexa and Lewis saw the gaudy gown, they were, to put it lightly, dissatisfied.

    “My daughter was devastated and crying,” Lewis told Yahoo Style, adding that Wagner refused to refund the deposit.

    Lewis posted photos of Malexa wearing the disastrous dress to Facebook, where it racked up over 2,000 comments.

    Malexa’s night wasn’t completely ruined, at least. She was able to borrow a dress from a friend — and, presumably, those photos turned out a lot better than those of her frock fiasco
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    Damn I could do better than that and I can't sew shit.
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    According to mother Dee Lewis, the designer, Kia Wagner, said that she would “play around with the design,” and asked for a $100 deposit (with a $300 charge for the final product).
    Kia needs a back-up career choice.

    But first she needs to return the money. Stat.

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    that dress got butchered
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    Thiis is what it was supposed to look like. And she gave the "seamstress" less than 2 weeks to do it. Which may be not enough time, but damn just say so.

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    Reminds me of when Denise Huxtable made Theo a "Gordon Gartrell"

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    Well, she should certainly get her money back, but even if the designer had gotten it right, the dress would have been tacky as hell.
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    Oh well, she shouldn't be wearing a sheer tacky and revealing dress to the prom anyway. She should get her money back though.
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    What a vulgar dress. Is the prom being held on some yacht in Cannes?
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    The original dress wasn't much better , the fabric was more expensive, otherwise you can clearly see that chick's underwear. Something Bella Hadid might wear.
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