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Thread: 2017 Met Gala Menswear Red Carpet Roundup

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    Default 2017 Met Gala Menswear Red Carpet Roundup

    2017 Met Gala Menswear Red Carpet Roundup

    Lewis Hamilton
    : Scoring high style marks, Lewis’s green velvet Dolce & Gabbana Alta Sartoria tuxedo was graced by Buccellati Collection diamonds and metallic-laced slippers. It was effortlessly luxe with an impossibly cool edge.

    Alexander Skarsgard
    : I was head over heels for this impeccable, white-hot Ermenegildo Zegna Couture tuxedo.
    Rami Malek: We saw many ladies in red, and I loved how Rami brought the hue of the evening in this Dior Homme suit, accented by a floral pin and shiny patent dress shoes. Handsomely on theme—in all the best ways.

    Luke Evans: There’s no denying this Louis Vuitton tuxedo was at the epitome of classic, crisp elegance—even if it had nothing to do with the theme.
    A$AP Rocky: I simply didn’t get the rationale for this Calvin Klein ensemble that featured a work shirt over a turtleneck and slouchy black jeans, as it was sloppy at best.
    Cam Newton: Obviously going for the shrunken look, this deep burgundy Versace tuxedo just seemed overtly too small making for a rather comical showing with the gigantic top hat.

    Nick Jonas: Cutting a fine profile, Nick was on point in this Ralph Lauren ensemble. The hero of the look was the tuxedo jacket with its graphic, geometric motif.
    Aziz Ansari: Aziz put forth a solid effort in this double-breasted Ermenegildo Zegna Couture suit.
    Diplo: Here, the cropped proportions of this Thom Brown three-piece suit struck the right avant-garde balance to play into the theme.

    Wiz Khalifa: Like Diplo’s look, this custom Thom Brown ensemble featured shrunken proportions but with a far more androgynous bent. The tailored jacket and vest could nearly pass for women’s wear.
    Riz Ahmed: This Dior Homme all-black look left little to write home about.
    Ansel Elgort: There is something just so elegantly polished about a white dinner jacket worn right, and this Tom Ford tuxedo delivered.

    Jaden Smith: This was actually a decent Louis Vuitton ensemble. Unfortunately, no one was looking at it with Jaden’s choice accessories. Carrying a mess of dreadlocks while wearing a grill is certainly one way to be provocative.
    The Weeknd: Conservatively elegant, The Weeknd was polished in a traditional Valentino black tuxedo.
    Michael B. Jordan: Plaid came out to play a few times in the women’s looks of the night, and Michael brought his own rendition in this Ralph Lauren suit styled with a white dress shirt and bow tie, all of which he wore impeccably.

    Dane DeHaan: I appreciate the turn towards a shade other than black, but this deep emerald Prada tux still translated as a bit lacklustre. I blame the fit.

    Tom Brady
    : Standing alongside the gorgeous Gisele Bundchen, Tom basked in her radiance and echoed the metallic M.O. with a charcoal-silver Tom Ford jacket styled with a traditional black bow tie and dress pants.

    Alexander Rodriguez: Attending with Jennifer Lopez, Alexander raised his fashion game in a midnight-navy Valentino suit with contrasting black lapels.
    Frank Ocean: Despite the fact that this was a custom Balmain ensemble, I was struck with the feeling that something was missing.

    Ryan Reynolds: Also wearing Versace like his wife, Blake Lively, Ryan coordinated his blue bow tie to the feathers in her skirt, winning this couple the matchy-matchy award of the night.
    Corey Hawkins: Corey was sharp in a well-tailored Todd Snyder tux in a rich shade of midnight blue.

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    Rami Malek is creepy looking to me. He's got rapey eyes and looks malnourished.
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    Skarsgard and Evans need to meet me in a closet, elevator or wherever.
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    Get rid of every single one of these goofy looking fuckers because Askars wins. I'd like to show him a private upstairs room.
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    Rami, Jonas and Jordan seem to me the best of all, theme considered

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebonnet View Post
    Rami Malek is creepy looking to me. He's got rapey eyes and looks malnourished.
    He looks sickly and ill here, but I like him...but he is creepy. Creepy is not a deal breaker for me, though. Haha.

    Dane DeHaan looks like Colin Hanks.

    Years ago, I didn't despise Tom and Gisele. Times have changed and I'm sick of seeing both of their faces. Why are they still relevant to this event?

    I wish Askars wasn't wearing the white jacket. Most of the time white jackets make me think of waiters, but he still looks hot.

    My favorite suit belongs to Michael B. Jordan, because I am one of those weirdos that loves plaid on just about anything.

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    Most of the men's jackets look too small on them. I'm glad the baggy assed clothing on men trend is over, but must we go too small now?

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    Michael b Jordan looks good

    Lol at Lewis. Can't believe he was there

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    Mr. Robot is so ugly.
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